Only the Guilty Live new cover reveal!

As you might be aware, I released my grimdark (fancy for horror fantasy) novella, Only the Guilty Live, on Kindle late in 2018.

The story of a PTSD suffering soldier teaming up with several others, including a former slave, a dispossessed bigoted colonist who lost his family during the civil war, and a demon possessed child, to free a noble trapped in a besieged city, Only the Guilty Live came with a cover made by…me!

It’s an okay cover, as homemade covers go.  It also is a well-known image – Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son.  I’ve never been 100% happy with it.  A well-designed, striking cover draws attention, and I fear that my attempt did anything but achieve that goal.

So, to remedy that, I’ve been fortunate to have engaged the services of a Melbourne professional book cover designer, Onur Aksoy, who designed the new cover you see at the bottom of this post!

Onur can be reached here:  or Facebook:  or via his Instagram page:

I think you’ll agree that this new cover is a huge improvement on the original – it’s moody and brooding, which matches the tone of the novella.  It’s also very well composed.

Massive thanks to Onur, for agreeing to work on this for me – he was easy to work with and provided a product he’s proud of, and I’m delighted to have grace my story.

The quality of his work speaks for itself and at the higher tiers, it’s outstanding!R-Mammone-Guilty

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