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The Copse – read by Ian Stuart

The voice of The Copse is Ian Stuart, who can be reached in his professional capacity here.  He has performed some wonderful readings for Pseudopod, and his talent for regional English accents has really lifted some very good stories to greatness.  Ian … Continue reading

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The Copse – unleashed

Oh, shit.  Click here to download the audio reading of The Copse, courtesy of the fine people at Pseudopod.  Don’t be shy about leaving any comments here or at their forums.  Tell your friends, spread the word, share the link … Continue reading

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Mechanical Writing

No, I haven’t invented a device to do my writing for me, powered by my oh so weak brain patterns. But I’m sure someone has pressed their forehead up to a Kindle and wished very, very hard. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Let’s clear something up

I’ll post this and leave it up for a while before posting any updates on my new story, Along Came a Spider. I’ve been checking the stats and a number of visitors are trying to find my birthdate.  Well, when … Continue reading

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Path: from whence it came

One of the reasons for doing this blog was to give some background to the stories as they were published.  I’ve been a litle slack recently so I’ll fill in the gap between story news with a little ‘behind the … Continue reading

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