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Interviewed: The Monsters Next Door

Not a slight on my neighbours (on one side, retired immigrant couple done well), the other, well, they cut a flowering shrub at a rather terminal point and now all I have is this dry stick rooted into the earth (so … Continue reading

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To while away the dying days of winter, I’ll be irregularly (i.e. I’m waiting for responses) posting interviews with a number of horror publishing sites from across the internet.  I’ve kept the questions simple, but asked the respondents (all editors … Continue reading

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More testing

Sorry for the inundation of testing. Here’s the link to the delightfully named Smashwords site.

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Trying out some of this newfangled technology doo-hickeys available on the internet after listening to a podcast by Scott Sigler declaiming on the end of ‘old’ publishing and the rise of new publishing.  Build a following by getting your content … Continue reading

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The Devil at your Heels.

Finished! Well, mostly.  Poor Arthur’s day and a half nightmare is basically complete.  Now all I have to do is flesh out the finale and give it a thorough going over, then I can ship it out to a few … Continue reading

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Two entries in one evening.  First the famine, then the flood… Now that I’ve got my little netbook up and running, I’ve escaped the confines of the study and the distractions of the internet for the greener pastures of the … Continue reading

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Podcasting seems to have gripped the world of genre fiction recently, with pioneers like Scott Sigler using it as a writing career launchpad.  But I hadn’t realised how terribly effective the medium was until I started listening to the stories … Continue reading

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