‘I, Alastair’ is published!


Sooo…I’ve just had a book published!

Last year, my first novel for the Lethbridge-Stewart range from Candy Jar Books, ‘Rise of the Dominator‘ landed with a splash among fans of Doctor Who.  I was fortunate enough to be commissioned for a second title and now it is out.

I, Alastair‘ tells the tale of the Lethbridge-Stewart from the Doctor Who story, ‘Inferno’.  A largely broken man, Column Leader Lethbridge-Stewart was raised in the shadow of his domineering father, in a world where fascists overthrew the British government in 1943, condemning the old class to death, while raising a Republic on the ruins of the toppled order.

Things aren’t…great, in this world.

It was a lot of work, but a heap of fun, to write what turned out to be an exciting adventure involving conspiracy, rebels, political power games and all out action.

Thanks go to my wife and kids for their support, understanding (some of it puzzled, no doubt), and giving me the time to sequester myself away from them to write the novel at all hours of the day and night.

Thanks to range editor Andy Frankham-Allen who has expertly guided the range from the very beginning, and provided excellent editorial guidance and feedback.  Without him, the book wouldn’t be as entertaining as it is.  His new book, Downtime – Child of the New World is available for pre-order in a stunning hardcover edition.

Thanks to Candy Jar Press themselves, for supporting up and coming writers like myself, and providing an important voice among UK publishers.

And special thanks to Richard Young & Will Brooks for their exceptional cover.  Wow!

Interested?  Order direct from Candy Jar themselves!

Initial coverage is here:


Lethbridge-Stewart From Candy Jar Returns!

Lethbridge-Stewart I, Alastair

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