Rise of the Dominator – it’s out there, folks!

So, as many of you would know, I had a book published this month by Candy Jar Books, called Rise of the Dominator.  Eighteen months of work, including some (metaphorical) blood, sweat and tears and some (literal) screaming, bitter denunciations, imprecations and selling of souls (not mine, yours), and my little book is out in the world.

Begun in September 2017 and finished about a year later, Rise of the Dominator is my first published novel (the other, unpublished novel, languishes on a hard drive at home and at work.  One day…)  I’m especially proud of Rise, not only because I think it’s a pretty good read, but the fact I managed to get it completed and out in the world.  And to think I once thought writing a book was the easiest thing in the world (idiot).

Special thanks to Shaun at Candy Jar and especial thanks to range editor Andy Frankham-Allen – Rise wouldn’t be as good as it is without his wonderful help and advice.  Thanks, Andy!

All the ordering information is below, but first, a big request – if you’ve read the book, please leave a review – somewhere, anywhere, but particularly Amazon, if you don’t mind.  Something about the power of algorithms changing the fabric of the universe…look, it’s maths – I was never any good at it.  But I do know all your kind thoughts on the book help put it in front of more people.

First, the blurb!


London 1973 – A man in police custody burns to death with no known cause of ignition. Anne Travers and Bill Bishop find themselves catapulted into the middle of a police investigation into the rise to power of the newest criminal godfather – the Big Man, aka, the Dominator, Dominic Vaar!

A Spanish safe cracker lands on the English coast and is whisked away to a secret meeting with none other than Vaar. His mission? To liberate a priceless sword forged when Sumer was young, a sword whose unshakeable thirst for life threatens the existence of all life.

And lurking in the background plots a fugitive Nazi, using Vaar’s rise to power and his own knowledge of the occult as cover for his plans to build a new Reich on British soil.

Lost in time and brought together by destiny, can Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart from BBC TV’s Doctor Who, Dame Anne Travers and Brigadier Bill Bishop stop Britain being pitched into a new age of darkness?


Obviously, you should all support Candy Jar Books by purchasing the novel direct from them here.

However, if you prefer, Amazon has the paperback here.

And the Kindle here.

And if like me you like free postage anywhere in the world, the Book Depository is selling it here

The cover is by the supremely talented Adrian Salmon whose site is here

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