Travers & Wells now on Kindle!

My Candy Jar Books novella, Travers & Wells: Other Wars, Other Worlds has recently been re-released on Kindle, after the limited edition hardcover sold out!

Just in time for the BBC release of their adaptation of War of the Worlds, Travers & Wells sees Edward Travers (Doctor Who: Web of Fear) and HG Wells (Doctor Who: Timelash) venture into an alternate Britain…where the Martians won!

I loved writing it, and the readers love reading it!  Don’t take my word for it, check out the reviews at Goodreads!

A new review, from a German reader was posted to Goodreads.  Here it is reproduced below…

Für mich bisher die beste der Lethbridge-Stewart Novellas und das beste Doctor Who Spin-Off Duo seit Jago und Litefoot. Travers und Wells passen wirklich hervorragend zusammen. Die ganze Geschichte ist sehr gut geschrieben und spannend. Der Cliffhanger am Ende macht gespannt auf die (bestätigte) Fortsetzung. Sehr gut!

Um das ganze genießen zu können, sollte man auf jeden Fall Times Squared gelesen und Timelash gesehen haben.

Which translates…

For me the best of the Lethbridge-Stewart Novellas and the best Doctor Who spin-off duo since Jago and Litefoot. Travers and Wells are really great together. The whole story is very well written and exciting. The cliffhanger at the end is looking forward to the (confirmed) sequel. Very well!

To enjoy the whole thing, be sure to read Times Squared and see Timelash.

Not only is Travers & Wells available, but also my grimdark horror fantasy Only the Guilty Live is on Kindle for the pricely sum of barely a cracker! (No, seriosuly, it’s $0.99 everywhere!)  Check it out.




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