Grimdark novella ‘Only the Guilty Live’ – published!

I’ve been heavily revising my sword and sorcery novella Only the Guilty Live for Kindle publication and it has gone live today!  I’ve added a new opening, and heavily revised the body of the story, adding around 3000 words in new text.

This is something of an experiment for me, hence the cover, Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son has been nicked and modified for publication.  I’ll be pushing this a little around the usual places and will be interested to see if it gains any traction at all.

Here’s the description:

The Dirty Dozen meets The Exorcist in this exciting chase across a war-ravaged empire!

Marduk, the hero of the siege of Skalak’s Pass, is a nearly broken figure. But when his general commands him to lead one final mission deep into enemy territory, he cannot say no. Leading a rag-tag group of misfits, including the demon-possessed corpse of a child, he must overcome his own fears and venture into the besieged capital of the enemy to fulfill his mad Imperator’s demands.

Betrayal lurks in every corner, and not everyone gets out alive.

Sword and sorcery at its darkest, as blackest magic and highest ideals clash in this exciting novella that will tear at your heart while burying its fangs in your throat!

‘Mammone spins a taut tale, painted in deep shades of black, from which, by the end, all light has been removed.’ Fletcher Vredenburgh, Black Gate Online’

So, if you like your grimdark grim and dark, this is the novella for you.

I’d really appreciate it if people tweeted and generally spread the word on social media to give this at least the tiniest bit of traction.

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