Two stories by me available from Pseudopod

It’s been about seven years since two of my stories, The Copse and Widdershins, were made available as free audio readings from the horror site, Pseudopod.

The Copse sees a family relocate due to the GFC and come up against strange doings in rural England.  As a listener said on the Pseudopod forums:

I liked this one quite a bit. To me, anyway, it’s not really about what happens, because it’s pretty clear from the beginning that our poor protagonists are doomed — if this were a movie, I’d be yelling at the screen for that family to get out of the friggin’ house! — but more about anticipating the slow unreeling of their inevitable doom. As others have pointed out, it’s about atmosphere, and the kind of horror that is based not in shock or gross-out but gradual, mounting dread. I thought the author pulled this off quite well, here.

Widdershins is a creepy little story about a fellow who may be on a path that unmakes the world.  That should turn out okay, you know? As another listener said:

I loved this one. The hints about weird things having happened on previous occasions of the ritual were very effective. The characters were fleshed out just enough to involve you in the events. The idea that a man could unseat reality simply by walking in a certain direction at a certain time was the brilliant part. It felt like a nightmare, and the transition was handled perfectly. Also, the images at the end were horrifically beautiful–surreal and suggestive rather than blatantly monstrous.

Click the links on each of the titles in the first paragraph and you’ll be exposed, like a dose of hard radiation, to these two early horror stories from me.  I like them and hope you do too!

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