Out Now from Candy Jar – Eve of the Fomorians!


Released at Halloween is my free extended short story, Eve of the Fomorians, for all subscribers of the Lethbridge – Stewart range of books from Candy Jar.

When Anne Travers, William Bishop and Samson Ware travel home via a remote fishing village on the Scottish coast, they find a place devoid of inhabitants and soon encounter terrifying creatures with even more terrifying plans for the planet.

Available now for all Candy Jar subscribers to the Lethbridge-Stewart range and for those pre-ordering the next book in the range, Times Squared.

Times Squared can be pre-ordered individually, or as part of the Series 3 Bundle (both UK and overseas), which includes forthcoming novels, Blood of Atlantis by Simon A Forward, and Mind of Stone by Iain McLaughlin, or the subscription deal for those wishing to get six books for the price of five (UK only, covering the series three titles, plus the series four titles released early 2017)!

Pre-order directly from http://www.candy-jar.co.uk; Times Squared is due for release at the end of October.

The previously limited print-collection, The HAVOC Files, has also been released on Kindle. Buy it here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lethbridge-Stewart-HAVOC-Files.

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