Writing update

Talking about the writing process is a bit like making sausages – without the mince, bread crumbs and pig’s intestines, of course. Though the meat grinder just gave me an idea…

Anyway, while I’ve been on a long blog hiatus, I’ve been busy with finishing off stories, editing the bejeezus out of them, then farming them out to prospective publishers. With a full-time job and family, it can be hard to find the space to write. I often find myself doing so in a rush at lunch time, or very late in the evening when it’s just me and the wind in the eaves…

Somehow, I have 9 short stories in slush piles across the globe, which is a new record for me. Some (as mentioned in an earlier post) have been rejected and sent out again, but 9 is a lot of stories, for me.

We all like stats, so let’s do a breakdown of them.

2 are zombie stories.

3 are with prospective anthologies

1 was sent to a big name publisher’s online site

8 are with small presses

I’m confident that 1 will be picked up, given the market and my history with them.

The longest is about 6000 words

The shortest about 1200 words

8 have male protagonists

1 has a female protagonist

I can endlessly go on with stats, instead, I’ll give you titles!

Mad Dog (to the extent that anyone might read this, there might be the chance for some mild controversy)

Riders of the Storm (lame, I know, but I was stuck)

Golem (could easily have been Zombie, but I think this is a better fit)

Fearful Symmetry (okay, steal from the best)

Mummy (not what you think)

Tropic of Cancer (I think it’s clever and makes up for Riders of the Storm)

Bitter Waters (certainly better than the original title ‘The Interview’ and less likely to enrage North Korean hackers)

Cat’s Whisker (tells you absolutely nothing about the subject matter)

Night School (this is a placeholder until I come up with something better)

Of the above, 3 were rejected and sent out into the world again.

So, while the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 have been slow, hopefully I’ll have some positive news to impart later in the year.

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