Suffer the Children coming soon from April Moon Books

Hello dear readers.  Apologies for the delay between blog entries – as with all these things, if you’ve nothing to report, the blog tends to fall by the way side.  But I have things to report!

Most exciting is the acceptance of a story of mine, Suffer the Children*, which will see publication with April Moon Books, in the first volume in their Short Sharp Shocks range.  Volume 1 is titled Amok! and is full of stories promising violence and shocks aplenty.  The table of contents is available at the link.

The background behind my story is interesting.  The story has been knocking around for over a year, and only bashed into shape once I stumbled across April Moon Books on the internet, via their standout Lovecraftian anthology, Dark Rites of Cthulhu.  Contacted the editor of Amok! who was happy to take a look at the story.  To my very great pleasure (and, let’s face it, surprise) he advised he was accepting it for publication.  What’s more amazing is they had more than 100 submissions, so I’m very pleased to have made the grade.

Publication details are to be sorted out, but the collection is sure to be out later this year.

In other news, I successfully pitched a story to the editors of the UNIT Fannual, which will be a collection of Doctor Who stories, sans the Doctor, featuring that alien busting organisation, UNIT.  All I have at the moment is the pitch outline, so plenty to work on, but it does involve UNIT, strange deaths, and Nazi occultists – so really, you can’t go wrong.

Staying with Doctor Who, as some of you may be aware, I’m co-editor on the Doctor Who Project range of Doctor Who fan fiction.  The publisher, Bob Furnell, has issued a call for submissions for a collection of Doctor Who fiction, called the Temporal Logbook, published under the auspices of Pencil Tip Publishing.  For those interested, the submission period closes June 28th, so if you’re interested in penning some Doctor Who fiction, featuring any of the Doctors from 1-11 (warning:  no War Doctor stories), check out the submission guidelines and send us in your best stories!

All that aside, I’ve got a few stories banked waiting for me to get the time to edit them, plus there’s a short story competition from Baen Books that I’d love to submit to AND, the podcast I co-host on, 42 to Doomsday, continues apace.  The latest episode escaped into the wild this weekend.  Check it out!


*Yes, it’s a bloody awful title.  As if it hasn’t been used a thousand times before.  Just couldn’t think of anything better, and now you’re all stuck with it.  On the flipside, it is a damn good story with an ending I’m really proud about.

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