Reviews for Ill at Ease 2 begin

Now that Ill at Ease 2 is out in the marketplace, the reviews have begun, with a couple of nice things being said about my contribution, Masks.

First cab off the rank is this review from Dark Musings

Masks is by Robert Mammone and is a story I enjoyed very much. It’s cleverly written and constructed, slowly revealing the story beginning with an almost surreal conversation in a funeral parlour and culminating in an atmospheric and gruesome climax in the subway system below Melbourne.

The second comes from Ross Warren (full disclosure: Ross edited the anthology Darker Minds, which has a story of mine included, and has another submission from me under consideration for a follow up collection).

Masks by Robert Mammone

A man’s search for his missing partner within the seedy nighttime world of a Melbourne train station is wonderfully executed tale that builds tension gradually and puts the reader right on the platform at the centre of events.

Some pleasing comments there – with hopefully more to come.

And don’t forget you can order your copies from here:

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Order from PenMan Press

And watch the trailer here

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2 Responses to Reviews for Ill at Ease 2 begin

  1. karswell says:

    In the spirit of your (highly commendable) “full disclosure” policy I have to say that as well as blogging on Dark Musings I co-edited Darker Minds along with Ross! That said, it in no way influenced my opinions of Masks which I did enjoy very much.

    • Robert Mammone says:

      Transparency never hurt anyone. Just ask Eric Snowden!

      In seriousness, it doesn’t hurt to be open about these sort of things. Readers need all the information to make informed decisions.

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