Doctor Who Missing Episodes tension grows!

Some of you may be aware that I’m a long-term, hard-core Doctor Who fan (mainly the classic 1963-1989 series). Part of the lore of the show is that 106 of the black and white 1960s episodes are missing from the BBC archives, for a variety of reasons that are too long and complicated to get into now. What you should know is that rumours have been swirling for the better part of two years that a large cache of these episodes is believed to have been found.

A press conference in London has just broken up where it is expected that the BBC has outlined to journalists what has been found (or at this stage what stories they are willing to divulge – the circumstances of the find and the main person involved have created some very delicate negotiations). The press embargo finishes midnight tonight UK time. As you can imagine, tens of thousands of fans are on a knife-edge about the news, and if this isn’t trending world-wide on twitter, I recommend not investing it Twitter’s IPO!

Initially it is believed 9 episodes will be announced as having been found (2 Patrick Troughton serials are now more or less complete if true – Web of Fear and Enemy of the World).

Rumours continue to swirl that upwards of 90 of the currently missing 106 black and white episodes may’ve been returned. Other state it is in the mid 40s.

Reports have it that these episodes will be made available via iTunes, with DVD releases around the time of the 50th anniversary on November 23.

This has been a bit of a holy grail of mine – I helped return some clips taken from a missing story screened here in the 1960s, so you can imagine my excitement about the return of entire stories.

So, if in a few hours you hear someone’s head explode, it is definitely mine!

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