Another story in Midnight Echo

Happy to report that a new story of mine, Blood and Bone, will be appearing in the Australian horror magazine, Midnight Echo #10, due soon. Very pleased to once again appear in the magazine, having done so in issue 8 with Widdershins (which also turned up as an audio reading at Pseudopod).

The TOC is listed on the Hugo award-winning SF/Horror/Science Fiction site, SF Signal and is available for viewing here.

Blood and Bone is another of my ‘family under peril’ stories that seems to run through my writing. Not what I would’ve written before I was married and had kids, but its amazing how priorities change when you have a family. Priorities and fears.

In other news, Ill at Ease 2 (with my story Masks) has been pushed back to the end of November. Just getting the time writing to launch it, and in the lead up to Christmas, we all agreed November 31st was the best option.

I have some other stories out in the market waiting to be reject- I mean, accepted, and will report back on any results.

A slow year has started to wind up nicely, and I hope to kick up a gear in 2014 in terms of my output.


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