Filthy Creations 7 – out now!


Those with a long memory will recall I had a story in the most recent issue of Filthy Creations, a fine, small press publication from the home of horror, the UK.

I just received an e-mail from the editor to say that the latest issue, released a few days ago, will include a story of mine titled Mycelium.

This all comes as a great surprise as I originally posted the story in the members only section for peer review and feedback, which I did receive. Some months later and the story has been accepted!

First off – there’s a video!

Table of Contents and ordering information:

Rog Pile (ed.)
Craig Herbertson (Consultative ed.)

Franklin Marsh – The Wicket Man
Penni McLaren Walker – The Architect’s Tale
D. F. Lewis – The Only Climax
Charles H. Galloway – Shapeshifter
Robert Mammone – Mycelium
Craig Herbertson – The Death Tableaux: Part 2
David A. Riley – Sendings: Part 2
D. F. Lewis – All Endings Are Happy

The Filthy Creators
The Story So Far

All artwork by Rog Pile

Order direct from

Mycelium is a lovely story featuring a family on the brink of collapse and the sinister actions of a certain type of dome topped fungus (mushrooms are a fungus, yeah? My research extended no further than the Wikipedia page on mushrooms for the story!) For those familiar with the Pan Books of Horror from the 60s, 70s and 80s, will fully appreciate the tone of the story, especially the ending.

I really urge you all to give the 88 page issue a go – there’s a lot of talent on show, as the table of contents hosts a who’s who of horror talent from the UK.

Some other links:

Workshop of Filthy Creations

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