Hello 2013!

Radio silence has finally been broken.

On the writing front – nothing positive to report. My story with Rogue Blades entertainment’s Assassins anthology has gone south as the anthology won’t be released due to a variety of reasons I’m cool with. Well, sort of cool with, but that’s the publishing game, isn’t it?

I sent four stories out in January and all were rejected. The positive thing was they were swift rejections, so I can farm them out to the next publishers on the list.

I’ve one story that’s definitely coming out in a new anthology I’ve mentioned before. All the stories are in, and we’ve all seen the cover (which I’ll reproduce here when I’m able to). Quite excited about this as each story has something to offer the reader and the standard is impressive.

On other fronts – been reading more this year than I did last year. Think I’ve finished close to ten books and happily none of them crap. I noted in an earlier post the number of books I had to abandon last year (books with good reputations) because the standard of writing was in my opinion crap. I don’t speak as a struggling writer crapping all over those who’ve made it, but as a reader of genre fiction since the early 1980s who knows what is good, and what is bad.

Weekends are book buying opportunities, always from charity shops as you can get amazing bargains for quality titles. Picked up two excellent crime novels by Richard Stark (Donald Westlake) and Andrew Vachss – stripped down tales with grim protagonists – great stuff. Some other books to flog on ebay, and some non-fiction books looking at the GFC.

As a tangent, I listen to a lot of podcasts – The Bugle, Film Sack, Blue Box Podcast, Speculate – all entertaining in their own way and worth tracking down.

Hopefully I’ll have something more positive to report vis a vis publishing. Until then…

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