Updates: Darker Minds, Doctor Who etc etc

Some updates of note:

Darker Minds has been released! The reviews can be found here at Ginger Nuts of Horror and Welcome to the Hell Forge Very pleased with the reviews.

I received my copy in the post a few days ago and am really impressed with the quality of the book itself. There are also internal illustrations, which was a pleasant surprise. They add nicely to the atmosphere. You can order the book, and its predecessor, at their site

Earlier this year I was invited to participate in an anthology organised out of the UK. All involved have been busy the last few weeks critiquing everyone’s work. There are some excellent stories set to appear. I’m pleased to have received some postive, constructive feedback. I think this will be an anthology to watch.

The other news is that I wrote a book! Very much a first draft, coming in at 72000 words, but I was able to knuckle down and wrote it over four months. Doing a chapter breakdown and establishing a routine was very important in getting it completed, plus my wife was very supportive. As I said, it’s a first draft, and isn’t very good. But the experience is invaluable. I plan taking some well earned leave later in September and early next year, so will hope to utilise some of that time to knock the book into decent shape.

The latest ‘season’ of stories for The Doctor Who Project are rapidly coming together. I’ve got several to edit over the next week, with a launch date announced for October 3rd

There are some great stories in this ‘season’ and then there’s my own effort, The Mask of Anhur. With Doctor Who back on our screens, TDWP offers a great opportunity to read some quality fan inspired fiction.

Just looking back on this year, it’s been a bit of a slow one, in terms of news. It’s not as if I haven’t been writing – I’ve got about half a dozen short stories finished awaiting final polish. The time spent writing the novel meant I didn’t do any short fiction, but I hope to get back into that in the run up to the end of the year. Looking at the list on my screen of unsold stories written this year there are the intriguingly titled:

Mycelium (already rejected, but I’ll give it another look over).

In the Shadow of the Gibbet (held for three months by ASIM, before being eventually rejected – the one comment back from their reader(s) was ‘great fight scenes’! Go figure…

Suffer the Children (would’ve been published if not for all the violence involving kids – grrr)

In the Green

Into the White


Blood and Bone (everyone loves a horror story involving a maze, surely?!)

So I’ve been writing, but not overly successful in placing the stories.

Stories that should see the light of day in the future include:

Blood Fire – originally with Rogue Blades Entertainment, but it seems the anthology will be published sometime by Black Gate.

Tropic of Cancer – to be published in Black House Comics, an Australian outfit.

Masks – coming soon in the UK anthology mentioned earlier.

In other news:

Stephen Bacon is a rising star in UK horror. He’s appeared in Black Static, the leading horror fiction magazine in the UK, and various anthologies and well regarded magazines over the last few years. A collection of his short fiction, Peel Back the Sky, is available from Grey Friar Press and I urge you all to buy a copy

Books read: have been catching up on fantasy (without any fantastical elements whatsoever) author K J Parker – a remarkable writer who you should all try. Currently reading his/her latest – Sharps. Finished Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie – bleak, heartless, wrong. But entertaining nonetheless. His new book, Red Country, is due shortly and I reckon will be his big breakout novel.

Right, I’ve got the ‘flu. Off to bed.

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