Rolling on

Nothing concrete to advise but…

Will have crossed 35000 words in my first up effort at a novel by the end of the long weekend here in Melbourne. Which makes it the longest story I’ve ever written by quite a stretch.

Let’s be honest: this is very much a first effort – some days the words come easy and it feels like I’m writing a novel, then there are days when it feels like squeezing blood from a stone and the writing reflects that. I’m looking forward to the editing process where I’ll get to knock this first draft into the semblance of a novel. I may come up short on my 90k target, but that’s fine. Getting the novel done is the aim at the moment and not simply dropping it when things get difficult.

As a result, the short story writing has withered on the vine. I do have an itch to write up an idea I’ve had lingering in the back of my mind for a while, but I want to get on with the novel without interruption. That said, I intend spending a few days bringing up to scratch a story I have for this e-anthology I mentioned in the last update. This will happen later in June.

In the last month I’ve had one rejection for a story I tried to place with the magazine Midnight Echo. I’m still waiting on an answer for another under active consideration.

Finally, almost a couple of years ago I advised the acceptance of a fantasy story with an anthology come from Rogue Blade Entertainment. It’s been delayed due to a number of reasons, but I was told this week by another contributor it will be out soon – no date, but hopefully by year’s end.

Quickly – went on an op-shop spree and bought nearly 20 books – mostly to flog on eBay, but a one or two to read. Good job for $24, I reckon.

Listening to this film review podcast, Film Sack, has made me go back and watch a few movies from my youth. Hudson Hawk is still terrible, but hopefully Die Hard and Last Action Hero will raise the standards a notch. Kevin Smith’s Red State is a confused, limp effort, and while I’m loving the visuals of Scott Pilgrim vs The World, not entirely sure there’s a story underneath it all.

And that’s that. Back to the novel and the tricky quest of the main character to save a damsel very much in distress…

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