Short sharp post to bring you all up to date about my exciting writing life.

Cue crickets…

Rejections from Pendragon Press’s Nasty Snips 2 collection of 1000 word horror stories. A pity as the collection looks to be really good.

Promptly shipped the story to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine where it received the shortest, most useless rejection I’ve ever read from them. I think we’ll put a fork in my attempts to get into that market. Waste of their time, and more importantly, mine.

Another rejection from Mortbury Press, publisher of the Black Books anthologies – I’ll keeping on plugging away, Charles! That story then sent off to One Buck Horror, after some judicious pruning.

Been reading a few things – finished the Bond short story collection, For Your Eyes Only – really very good! Purchased Stephen Jones’ Years Best volumes 21 & 22 – stand out from vol 21 is Ramsey Campbell’s short story. Reading some made me think if they were representative of that year’s quality, it was an ordinary year! Cue controversy.

Finished Chuck Wendig’s Double Dead – inventive storyline, but never really rises to any great heights

As always, more story ideas than time to write them – am wondering if I’m not giving myself enough editing time before getting them out into the market. Must learn patience, again, I think.

Anyway, that’s that!

Oh, and to all the submission markets that demand one space between sentences, and not two, as I’ve typed since 1986, two words: fuck you.

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