March Madness!

Despite my best intentions, the frequency of blogging in 2012 has been pretty spotty. Still, best to have something to say than just random wittering. Let’s see if I can rise to the occasion.

1. No new writing news as yet. Time is at a bit of a premium at the moment, what with more overtime at work due to a number of utterly boring reasons.

2. That said, the editing for TDWP continues apace. I’ve handed my story in (commissioned before the job of editor was thrown into the mix, I hasten to add) and have one more submission to edit. There is another story being readied, but the writer is an old hand with TDWP, not only reliable, but a bloody good writer too. Love to see some of his own stuff, away from the Doctor Who universe, if he was that way inclined.

3. You may remember I had a story published in Pill Hill Press’s Big Book of New Short Horror. Well, they run an annual Writers Shootout through their forum, where you sign up, get assigned to a team, then every two weeks (the middle week is assigned to reviewing other stories) a writing prompt is given. The third round of stories have been sent back (I bowed out due to time constraints) but I did put together two decent-ish stories which I’ll definitely be working on in the next month to bring up to speed. Entered the shootout to get some decent feedback on my writing and am happy to see the comments were very helpful.

3. Have completed a couple of short stories, which are now in the editing stage. I think the second one, inspired in part by the film version of The Shining, is the better of the two, but I’m struggling to make it more distinctive, something more than a tale of a man lost in a maze. I come up with ideas to make the character more interesting (a high functioning alcoholic was my first thought) but there’s no point dumping any sort of characteristic like that on a character if it doesn’t somehow feed into the story itself. I stripped all those references out and while the story reads okay, it lacks a little. I’m going to have to ramp up the supernatural aspect, I think, to cover the other deficiency. It’s all a learning experience, I suppose. I’ve also sketched out a couple of other stories, but they’re on the back burner for the moment.

4. Right, enough of writing stuff. Have been ploughing through The Lost World, by Michael Crichton – like his other, earlier books I’ve read, a pretty dry, uninvolving read, which is a shame, as recreated dinosaurs should be exciting. Thankfully, we have the Spielberg film(s) to bring the razzle dazzle. Have put this one aside half way through to concentrate on competing Full Dark, No Stars by an up and coming author Stephen King. Good stuff.

5. Someone who has been very helpful to me, Stephen Bacon, has had a story published in the latest Black Static. A really fine writer of quiet horror, Stephen is going places. He has mentioned in an interview he’s hopes to release a collection, which would be a wonderful showcase of his writing. Fingers crossed for him.

6. Misc: Feedback on the site for Widdershins has dried up, with a 50/50 split as to whether the story was any good or not. I thought it was better than my first story with them, The Copse. Darker Minds, the anthology from Dark Minds Press is due soon-ish, while no news yet on Tropic of Cancer, which is being released locally.

And that’s it!

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