Acceptances: Darker Minds anthology and Black House Comics

So, a bit tardy in my updates – if you were following me (you are, aren’t you?) on Twitter you’d’ve seen that I was will for most of last week and this week has been a right off as far as work being absolutely mad.

A narrow window of opportunity has opened up, so here goes. (I’ve gone a bit link happy!)

The cover for the Darker Minds anthology from Dark Minds Press has gone up, and it is a lovely illustration by Ben Baldwin. Looking forward to this very much.

Reading: I’ll bore you with what I’ve read over the last week of to – The Magicians by Lev Grossman – as the blurb says, Harry Potter meets Less than Zero – a story that comes across as a series of short stories strung together – I thought it was excellent, though not being a teenager anymore, I wanted to strangle the main character every second page.

Two books on Stephen King from Starmont Press, one his work as Richard Bachman, one taking a look at different aspects of his career. Both printed in 1985, so the King explosion still had a ways to run after that, but I reckon his best work was already behind him (the Dark Tower series aside).

Editing – into the swing of things with my editing role with TDWP – signed off on a new Brief Encounter story and one of the new stories from the upcoming season. Reminds me that I’ve still got a quarter of my contribution to edit and then it should be ready to go.

Sale: have sold Tropic of Cancer to Black House Comics, which is based in Sydney. It’s not a comic, but a horror story as part of their regular anthology, After the World. I’m really pleased with this as the comic/magazine is available in newsagency’s around the country, so my little story will likely get the biggest readership of any of my previously published work. Gold!

Black Static – and just so this isn’t all about me, I’d like to give a shout out to, a writer in the UK, who has had a string of recent successes with work going to a variety of anthologies in the UK and Canada. He has a story coming out in the latest issue of Black Static, one of the big horror fiction magazines in the world at the moment. Stephen has been a great help to me over the last year or too, with lots of timely advice and general support, so I’m really, really pleased he’s in Black Static, a magazine I hope to crack one day. Well done Stephen!

And now, back into it – I’ve got a number of projects on the go and no time to do them…

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