So I’m an editor now…

Which is all a bit daunting.

That said, it promises to be a mixture of lots of work, a great learning curve, and hopefully some improvement to my own writing. I agreed to take on the gig primarily because I really enjoy Doctor Who, I enjoy writing Doctor Who fiction and reading the work of others with an eye to bringing out the best in the story and the author’s intent can only help me to improve my own writing.

Got back from a weekend away with the family (summer has finally arrive, unfortunately) to find my inbox brimming with stories slated for the latest ‘season’ of TDWP – it’ll be a challenge to juggle the time between editing these stories, working on my own, and getting sufficient sleep to pass as human!

Lots of information about TDWP can be found here In essence, it started as a way of continuing the show after it was suspended (i.e. killed off) by the BBC in 1989. Twelve or so seasons later, and it continues from strength to strength, with some great stories of adventure featuring our favourite Time Lord.

And hey, with the series riding high around the world (seriously) it’s a great time to get on board while the tv show is on holidays and read some of the very best in Doctor Who fan fiction.

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1 Response to So I’m an editor now…

  1. Bob Furnell says:

    Rob, it’s great to have you on board. I’m sure you’ll just ace it.

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