An announcement!

The important news down the bottom, but first…

You know, I’m reasonably sure I posted last week. Not sure where it went, but it was certainly the wittiest, smartest, most controversial thing ever on the internet.

In its place, you’ll have to put up with this.

On the writing front, finished a story I started just after the new year – letting it rest for a bit before I beat it into coherency.

Widdershins is now out in the world as an mp3 download – comments on the Pseudopod forum range from brilliant to ‘not one element in the story was original’ or words to that effect, which can be pretty sobering!

I’m a bit annoyed the previous post for the 7th January appears to have gone missing, as I did go on an extended rant about finding a copy of a horror anthology dating from the early 80s I’d been looking out for the last twenty years. The Armada Book of Monsters edited by R. Chewtwynd-Hayes, which is just the best surname out there, let me tell you. At the time, the stories were definitely spooky, but I was ten years old. Now, they’re a bit twee and juvenile, but I have a soft spot for it and for only $2, a bargain!

It all puts me in mind of those cash in horror collections from the late 70s, early 80s – The Target Book of so and so, usually featuring an actor who played, or was playing, Doctor Who. I think I’m having another burst of nostalgia!

On the reading front have finally started in on Guy Kay’s Under Heaven. Kay is one of my fantasy gods, up there with Eddings and Gemmell. I remember reading the Fionavar Tapestry trilogy in my final year of high school and being captivated by them. Under Heaven has started well, though there was a patch where I thought it could’ve been tightened up a bit.

A final word on the writing – started on a new story, aiming to get it into a competition Rogue Blades Entertainment has going. There have been a couple of false starts, an abandoned beginning, but 1500 words poured forth on Friday so hopefully I’ll have something to submit in about a two weeks time.

Oh, and the announcement? Oh yeah. I’m now the editor of The Doctor Who Project – great news in that I’ll be working on getting the best out of a disparate group of writers, helping to shape a ‘season’ of stories and hopefully picking up from better writers what works and doesn’t. The announcement is here

Now, if I press Publish correctly, this post should make it out into the world…

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