Six more days!

Six more days!

Christmas – a time for family gatherings, where people who haven’t seen each other in months cram around the table and stuff themselves stupid with food and drink, happily oblivous to the gathering darkness outside, as furtive eyes peek through the window, hungrily wondering what a piece of man flesh tastes like…

Well, that’s one version of Christmas! You can see why, at least in the northern hemisphere, ghost stories go particularly well with this time of year. The cold, the gathering darkness, people together under one roof – a great chance to entertain each other with spooky tales that suit the atmosphere of the year. Discounting the birth of our Saviour, of course, which is a really peachy moment, except for the slaughter of the innocents a little while later…

Anyway, just under one week to go until Widdershins is available to assault your ears on the eve of Christmas at A darlk tale of obsessive madness, and the lengths a man can be driven to to put into place an arcane, occult ritual. Our protaganist is an unbeliever, but even he can’t ignore the things that gather on the edges of his vision as he treads widdershins around a graveyard.

Six days, people. Six days!

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