November Update!

In which I have nothing much to say, except:

1. On December 23 my story, Widdershins, originally published in Midnight Echo, will be available as an audio reading to download from I’ll talk more about this in the lead up to its release.
2. First draft completed on my Doctor Who story for The Doctor Who Project, and the edits are back! Release date is mid Jan 2012, and I’ll be setting most of December aside to work on the final version. 30k of verbiage needs polishing!
3. Have been working on a couple of new stories, but nothing much to say about them at the moment. Have been revising a story I agonised over earlier in the year (Pipes) which after a second draft, isn’t in too bad shape. It is, however, much too long, and needs the theme inserted more seamlessly instead of being dropped into the story from a great height. It also needs to be more coherent. I’ve a market in mind for it, so we’ll see how it goes.
4. More rejections! Seeing Things copped a form letter rejection, which is a real pity as I think the story is quite good. It maybe that I need actual beta readers to make sure my opinions stay closer to reality.
5. Several stories out in the market, though at my last count I’ve got about seven all up that are ready to go. I need to get a move on. Tropic of Cancer is with Three Lobed Eye and Into the Green is with Pendragon Press. Must be more proactive.

So, other than Shivers and Widdershins, I’ve not much concrete news. Things are a bit flat at the moment with my writing, and I sometimes feel I’m treading water with the shore ever distant. That said, I’ve kept up a pretty constant schedule and I think my new TDWP story will be the best of the three I’ve previously had published by them.

Speak soon!

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