September update

A little quiet recently, so a brief update for everyone waiting with bated breath…

1. Just sent off the final revisions for my story in Pill Hill Press’s new anthology The Big book of New Short Horror. The book will be published later this month. Looking forward to getting my hands on the hardcover.

2. Two rejections – one from Dark Horizons, the fiction publication of the British Fantasy Society. A bit disappointing that, but not to worry. The other was for New Terrors 2 from Blood Bound Books. Of five hundred submissions, I made it to the short (or long) list of 70, but missed the cut.

While disappointing, it does allow me to shop those stories around.

3. Crossed the 20k word mark on my Doctor Who story for The Doctor Who Project. First draft has to be on September 24, and I might need to complete another 5000 words. Thankfully, it’s only the first draft the editors want, as there’s a power of work to get this story into shape. But it is coming along nicely.

4. I’ve dared send a story to Weird Tales, on the off-chance they’re totally desperate. As it turns out, the magazine has a new owner, and pretty soon, a new editorial team, so who knows how long in limbo my story will remain? It’s been a while, so long I can’t actually remember the title of it… Still, ‘Under Consideration’ is better than ‘Rejected’!

That’s it!

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