Double trouble (and how I avoided it)

One of my problems with my writing is that sometimes I decide to take on more writing projects than I can cope with.

Case in point: I elected to submit a synopsis to The Doctor Who Project’s latest season. A week or two later, Rogue Blades Entertainment (who later this year will be publishing a print anthology containing my story Blood Fire)announced a new anthology. Instead of doing the smart thing, I decided that even with a full-time job and family life, I could write two novellas at the same time and have them submitted by mid-September.

Lunacy, of course.

Now, if I worked from home (or didn’t work, come to think on it), or had a rich aunt willing to fund my writing lifestyle (come to think on that, I do have a number of well off aunts…)then yes, writing two stories, totalling 30-40k would be very possible. It took me a week or two before I realised that changing daily between stories was a very stupid idea indeed.

So, as I promised I would, I’m sticking with the Doctor Who story. One, because I said I would, but two, despite the ramshackle nature of the synopsis, I have at least a plan for where this story (and not the RBE story) will end up. More than ever, I believe that I need a synopsis to keep a firm rein on the story it doesn’t end up sprawling all over the page.

Of course, the beauty of the story I had wanted to write for RBE is that I can always come back to it and sub it somewhere else.

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