Doctor Who short fiction – a personal blast from the past

Way back in 1994 I had a short story published in Doctor Who Magazine. At that time, they were publishing short fiction stories under their Brief Encounters banner. Owning of a brand spanking new Canon StarWriter word processor, I pounded out the story, printed it off, and mailed it to the UK (thank God for the internet, eh?). Much to my surprise, the story was accepted. I received a free issue of the magazine, and belatedly (my fault), payment.

The StarWriter gave great service for almost ten years, to the point where I wore out some of the keys. A real pity it gave up the ghost, as I’d like to print off what is saved on the floppy disks. Ah well.

I’ve dug up my copy of DWM 214 and scanned the story, which should appear below. Click on the page and when it loads, you should be able to increase its size for better readability.

Lest it be claimed I’ve forgotten, Doctor Who et al are copyright the BBC, while the contents of DWM rest with whoever has the licence at the moment.

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  1. Quinton Kyle Hoover says:

    Fascinating. I was just about to go add info at when I found this.

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