Pipes: done and dusted (for now)

Completed ‘Pipes’ last Thursday evening. Pounded out around 1000 words over the course the afternoon (though that is really 1300 seeing as how I somehow failed to save about 300 words and lost it when I turned the laptop off. Grr.). So, my very ugly duckling of a story has taken its first steps. It clocks in at over 10K, which is the longest thing I’ve written since I wrote a 30K novella for The Doctor Who Project about three years ago.

Looking back, while I did complain a lot, I did learn a lot also. The point about writing every day, and aiming for a set word count, was reinforced. I’d never get 10k of writing done in nearly as short a time as I have. Also, despite having an outline, it seemed that wasn’t enough to stop the story going off the rails – a more detailed synopsis might be the next step to improve my writing.

Pipes goes into the desk drawer, and will emerge blinking into the light of day in a few weeks or two for a lot (and I mean lot) of backfilling and tidying up.

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