Day 12 – things get better

A better writing experience today. I’ve moved to the last section, the dinner party in the fully renovated church. With the end in sight, my mood has improved a great deal. While the story in its current state is a mess, I’m beginning to think it is a mess that can be fixed up, albeit with a lot of work. I’ll have to ponder exactly what went wrong, but at this stage, I’m concentrating on finishing it.

That said, there is another section which needs to be inserted after the beginning, where Hannah goes into the village and experiences how insular and threatening the locals can be. Once the story is completed, I’m going to have to make sure that Peter and Hannah’s marriage is deteriorating under the stress of the move and the renovation and how Hannah’s mental state gets more and more fragile. Don’t worry, Peter will also get his chance to show how far he can fall.

At the moment though, the words are flowing and with the end in sight, it feels like a weight has lifted off my shoulders.

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