Movie watching

Put the laptop aside last night and watched the movie adaptation of King’s Christine. Well, most of it before I fell asleep on the couch, which is more a function of general exhaustion and not a comment on than the quality of the movie.

Christine’s not a bad movie, but the book, which I read during a winter in the mid 80s, is a spellbindingly grim tale. I think King was coked out of his mind by this stage of his career, which is remarkable because Christine the novel is a powerful depiction of the supernatural breaking into the ‘normal’ world. Jeez, has that King fellow got talent to burn?

Speaking of talent, or lack thereof, I’ll be making an effort this afternoon on Pipes, as I’ve friends coming over tonight to watch the one day World Cup final. Hopefully I’ll pick up where i left off Thursday evening and get that section finished. Onward, ever onward…

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