Day 11 – I have a cunning plan

And that cunning plan is to put my head down and just write. Not to worry about how the story is shaping up, not to come here and complain about my writing woes. No one likes a whinger, least of all me.

So, last night I managed about 500 words, which wasn’t to bad. I left the story half way through a new section and know the shape of the rest of it. After that, there’ll probably be another three sections and then it will be finished. I can see the finish line and after I’ve broken the ribbon, I’ll take a couple of writing sessions off, to recharge my batteries, and throw myself back into things. There’s the project I mentioned a couple of nights ago which will need about a week’s work to get into shape, which I’m keen to finish. After that, I’ll sit down a reassess a couple of things about my writing – especially the direction I want to take.

Oh, I forgot to mention that after many years of hearing about it, I finally got to watch Rosemary’s Baby for the first time. What a wonderful, wonderful movie. Not only as a fascinating time capsule of late 60s New York and its lifestyle, but a wonderful performance by Mia Farrow, who absolutely anchors the film. A slow build up leads to a thundering finish. Hail Satan indeed! (well, not really – can’t be too careful, you know!)

So, something positive to finish this post off, which makes for a pleasant change.

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