Day 8 – delerium sets in

This is taking far longer than I would like. However, I did manage to push the story forward last night. A short burst moved the story a touch over three hundred words, which saw the story move to the phase where things start going wrong, beginning with the vanishing electrician. Aah, the Case of the Vanished Sparky, I hear you say. How fascinating.

Hopefully it will be. Questions are asked, people shrug their shoulders, the work van sits abandoned, Hannah starts spinning theories in her head and Peter gets closer to cracking up as the renovations eat up time and money (there, I’ve just planned out the next phase of the story).

I’ve been working on another project, more than ably assisted by a good friend, which will see the light of day within the next month, fingers crossed. First, though, I have to get this damned story finished, so I can free up the time to do so. Patience, grasshopper, patience.

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