This Is How the World Ends – TDWP

Straight from The Doctor Who Project comes my latest short story for them in their Brief Encounter range.

The observant among you (yes, the three at the back, once again), will note that this was originally a rejected short story submission to Big Finish Productions (go on, get a subscription to at least their main range of Doctor Who stories – by and large, fantastic entertainment). Never one to waste an idea, I fleshed it out and it was accepted by the editors, Bob and Sam at TDWP.

This is a slightly different story to the usual monster laden, action adventure style we’ve come to expect from the show over the last forty odd years. It throws up a couple of moral dilemmas to tantalise the reader.

One day, I may upload the original, shorter version, so interested readers can compare and contrast, but for the moment, go and download the story – it’s 12 pages long and well worth your time. But I would say that, hmmm?

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