The Well – published

I’m very proud to announce that my story, The Well, will see publication in the Winter 2010 Journal of the British Fantasy Society. Copies are due to be sent to members of the BFS this month.

The hardcover release combines the Society’s three main publications: Dark Horizons, New Horizons, and the review magazine Prism, and is available to members of the British Fantasy Society. Membership details are here.

The British Fantasy Society was established in 1971 and has provided a venue for a large number of publications in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. Previous editors of its various publications have included novelists Adrian Cole, David A. Sutton and prolific editor and anthologist Stephen Jones. Its lifetime president is Ramsey Campbell, one of the great voices of weird fiction writing in the field today.

The Well is a product of a burst of writing a few months ago which has seen four other stories accepted for publication elsewhere. It’s the dark tale of two brothers who engage in a spot of home renovation, during the long Australian summer, in the wilds of northern Victoria (my home state). I think it is a step up from my previous writing, in that there are two protagonists working for and against each other. There’s a little psychological depth to colour the weird events happening around them.

Having it published in the BFS Winter journal is a real pleasure – not only because of the quality nature of the hardcover itself, but the (more mercenary) hope that an editor contemplating an anthology in the near future might like my story enough to ask me to contribute. Fingers crossed.

Finally, the cover is utterly gorgeous!

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