The Plan and a Donation

Two interrelated events for this blog post.

I mentioned earlier last month a story I’d finished a 1st person story involving malevolent snowmen (no, really, work with me on this). My hope was to send it into Black Static, the premiere (read the only, as far as I can tel), professionally released newsstand magazine of weird and horrific fiction in the UK (corrections to my bald statement on a postcard, please).

Then young Simon Unsworth had a similar story published which torpedoed my aspiration.

No matter, I’ve decided to use the 1st person narrative as an extended outline for a more traditionally written story. One of my (many) weaknesses as a writer is that I tend to have an opening and an ending, but the middle is a mad scramble to connect the to – so what you get are strong bookends with a sagging middle. My hope is that with a decent outline, I can marry some decent writing to a decent plot.

Which leads me to the Donation aspect of this post. A friend, visiting from the UK, brought with him a number of Black Static back issues he’d purchased for me on ebay. My friend is a cancer researcher currently doing exceptionally good work in the UK, for a research institute funded by Cancer Research UK. It’s a commonplace to say that cancer touches everyone in some way or other, but if you can spare even a little money to donate to this worthwhile charity, you’re getting hardworking, seriously smart and dedicated people like my friend, one step closer to more effective treatments and better outcomes for those afflicted with a terrible disease.

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