(Secret) Success!

Let’s face facts, it’s been a pretty lean year in terms of getting stories published. While I was well chuffed to have a story in Encounters and thrilled to be published in the latest Filthy Creations, I haven’t been as successful as I’d hoped – in taking the welcome advice of an author to submit to the better players in the market, my shortcomings as a writer have been exposed. To be honest, I did despair once or twice – while the rejections were either gentle letdowns or simply form letters, rejection after rejection gets to you after a while.

However, I did go through a bit of a writing purple patch in the middle of the year, stockpiling a number of stories which I was able to revise and send out while on two weeks annual leave a month or two back. The results have been pleasing.

To whit; I’m really pleased to say that another story has been accepted. Again, I can’t yet say where it will go (which is a bit of a cheat – making this a non-announcement – or even a Clayton’s announcement (fellow Australians of a certain age will well know what I’m referring to)), but I cans say it is a UK based publication.

As much as I have had any goals with my writing, having a story published in this venue was one of them. One way to get invited to write for a collection/anthology is to get exposure and the publication of this story will get me that sort of attention.

It’s a real treat and honour and I’ll be doubly pleased when I’m able to properly say where this story, and the one mentioned in an earlier posting, will see the light of day.

Suddenly writing is fun again!

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2 Responses to (Secret) Success!

  1. The joy in getting a story published is priceless !! Congrats !! Do post about where and when will the story be published.

  2. Giving birth to a story is the most pleasurable of experiences and rejection about the worst. You’ve just got to keep plugging away and eventually, much later than you wanted but far earlier than you expected, it’ll be happy face time

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