Why are you here?

Every so often I check the stats for this little blog, seeing which posts have been viewed recently, where people are clicking in from. The numbers spike with each new post, so I assume people have somehow subscribed to the blog and check in when they are notified (I don’t really understand how the back end of all this works, too boring for me).

What is odd is that most of the visitors check the Home Page, which must be the first post. I’m also assuming that most of the visitors are assuming they’ve found the blog of the of the other Robert Mammone, the Australian actor whose been quite busy these last few years, at home and abroad.

So, a little experiment. The numbers should spike with this post – if you’re reading it, drop me a quick rely, saying whether you’ve come to read the words of Actor Rob, or the words of Hack Writer Rob.

In other news, more rejections, but I’ve made a decent start on a new story, which, though trad in nature, I’m really quite pleased with so far. The title: The Well. We all know how that one’s going to end!

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2 Responses to Why are you here?

  1. anon says:

    hack writer rob

  2. BobF says:

    Rob, I always like to check out your blog every once in awhile to see what you’re up to. Congrats on the publication of your work outside of TDWP.

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