June 2010 Update

Have shamefully neglected this blog for around a month now so I thought I’d keep the two crickets and one mayfly that constitute my audience happy with an update.

Not much to report, really.

The Lighthouse hasn’t found a home. It’s out there, doing the rounds, with already several rejections. And with hindsight, I can see why. It’s too long. The story doesn’t flow naturally and what happens at the end isn’t signposted enough nearer the beginning. Still, I think there is some good writing in it, some reasonable characterisation in it and perhaps, if I could find the time, I’d be able to rewrite it sufficiently to do the premise justice.

Widdershins is also friendless. I’m a bit puzzled as to why – it’s short and punchy, has loads of atmosphere and has a decent ending. Perhaps the reason why one of the main characters acts as he does is the weakest part, which I didn’t realise at the time when I finished it. Again, another re-write could fix it up. Whereas The Lighthouse probably doesn’t have a future outside my hard drive, with a bit of effort, Widdershins may yet live.

Earlier this week I finished a story called Masks. At around 5600 words, it is blessedly short. It started out as one thing (drunk party-goer has increasingly sinister misadventures in an underground train loop (slightly based on Parliament Station here in Melbourne), into something a bit longer and a bit more characterful. On reflection, I think it has some of the strengths of The Devil at Your Heels (soon to see the light of day in Filthy Creations #6 – more on that when the magazine is released). It to is currently floating through the ether in search of a publisher, so fingers crossed…

All up, it’s a bit depressing. I’m not having the frequency of success I had last year (I think because I’m pushing my stuff towards publishers who demand a higher level of quality than I’m currently able to provide) which is a blow to the ego. I’d love to be able to improve to the point where I get consistently published in well know publications etc etc. Of course I don’t expect that to happen now, or overnight, but it would be pleasing to see some sort of improvement over this year in terms of acceptances.

In the meantime, I live on hope and (currently) gorging myself on compound chocolate. Oh God, the chocolate…

UPDATE: and then of course I came across this article and was very much heartened

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2 Responses to June 2010 Update

  1. Matt says:

    I feel your pain. I had a bit of success then plateau…3 rejections (form letters mind you) in a row. In the past my rejections at least had some feedback. No, explaining it, just onward,

    • Robert Mammone says:

      Yea, you’ve just got to forge on otherwise you end up sinking under increasing apathy and depression. It’s a pathetic cliche, but this is all a learning curve and one day…

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