Along Came a Spider – copies arrive!

One of my more prouder moments as a hack writer was picking up a large box containing my two contributor copies of Encounters #1 from Black Matrix Publishing. Printed via Createspace, which is run by Amazon (as far as I can tell) it really is a glossy, high end publication. My bulging bookshelves now have new company.

Once I find the camera, I’ll post pictures of them (because I know you all are desperate to see them sitting on my cluttered desk!).

In other news, I finally completed The Lighthouse, in time to submit it to a future anthology. I’ve already had one story for this antho knocked back, so fingers crossed for this one. The Lighthouse is a better, more complete story, but I’m worried a little that it takes a while to get going and the ‘scares’ such as the are, take a while to appear. I’m also worried that I haven’t laid the groundwork sufficiently to make the reader feel the story holds together well enough. It’s in the lap of the gods (the editor) so I’ll leave it at that.

I’ve started another story, inspired by my nightly wait at the underground train station for the train home. Predictable frights ensue.

Widdershins (rejected for the above antho, and several other publications, now that you mention it) isn’t completely dead in the water – I reckon fixing the start and finish up will do it no end of good. As a story, I quite like it – but it probably needs beefing up all round and a bit more depth to the two main characters. I’ve gone for a subtle horror vibe to it, which probably is why the ending is too abrupt and needs fleshing out, as it does leap on the reader.

The Interview remains an irredeemable piece of shit and continues to despoil my hard drive with its toxic contents. I mean, I went in with good intentions and all, and I personally don’t mind reading it, but it is a very, very minor piece of fluff that doesn’t make the most of its potential, thanks to the writer, of course! I think calling my priest may be the only way to exorcise the damn thing for good. A pity, as the ending is the best bit and shouldn’t have to suffer for the first two thirds…

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