Along Came a Spider – available at Amazon

But only when you purchase a copy of Encounters #2, published by Black Matrix. Of course, it’s a POD and not (in my opinion anyway) a proper publication credit (which isn’t to denigrate it – I’m old school when it comes to these sort of things – ‘proper’ books and magazines you buy off a shelf (which is admittedly bizarre, given I buy a lot of books off the internet – but then internal consistency was never one of my strong points)), but nevertheless, it’s a real thrill to see it listed at Amazon. And the link is here. I’m expecting my two copies in the next week or so, so once received, I’ll post at length about the story itself.

In other news, I’ve put The Lighthouse aside for the moment so as to work on and complete two other stories which have been sitting on the hard drive gathering dust. The Interview has already been rejected once (sadly, a form rejection, so nothing interesting to relate), but I’ve sent it off to the next prospective editor. The other story, Widdershins (Google is your friend on this one), is ready to be sent out as well. I’ve reasonable hopes for this one, but as ever, we shall see.

Finally, sent my Doctor Who related short story submission to Big Finish Productions. My initial prediction of a couple of thousand subs was woefully wrong – 500 were in fact received. While I’m realistic about its chances, given the tight 2500 word limit, I think I crafted a story which might, just might, have a glimmer of hope. But I doubt it.

On that cheery thought, good evening one and all.

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