This is how the world ends

Not entirely sure where the capitals should go (how is that determined?), but at least I have a title for my submission to the Big Finish audio anthology whose deadline is at the end of March. At 2500 words, my famed verbosity will have to be on an extremely short lease, but where there’s a will, there’s away. and that’s me occupied for the next few weeks.

The story itself is coming along nicely. I had an inspired moment while getting ready for work and ended up writing the opening several hundred words while the iron warmed up. I then realized tonight that I’ve already done the opening and its far better than my hasty effort this morning. Quelle surprise.

This story features the sixth Doctor (as played on telly and audio by the inestimable Colin Baker) and his companion Peri Brown (the extremely inestimable Nicola Bryant). It’s a small piece, out of necessity, but I hope that it packs a punch. It’s less the typical adventure the show thrives on and more a character piece, starting out as one thing, then unfolding into something else.

Of course, this being an open invite to Doctor Who fans, there are sure to be at least 1000 entries (big Finish’s open submission for one episode of an audio story garnered 1200 entries), so there will be plenty of stiff competition. Still, the reward sometimes comes from the effort, not necessarily the result.

And now to bed.

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