Update time – been a bit quiet recently, so apologies for the two mates and the passing homeless person who have come to rely on my occasional big noting of myself to get them through the glumness of their dull lives.


Anyway, have completed, in 1st draft form, a new story.  A tale of zombies and the bodies they’ve chewed on.  I suppose the zombie genre is chock full of stories (as an aside, if you are ever tempted to read The Estuary, a pseudo zombie tale, please, for the love of God and man, don’t.  Ever) but one small short story won’t push it over the edge.  This one needs a polish, but is 75% ready for sending out.  I’m aiming for a site called Tales of the Zombie War partly inspired by Max Brooks (son of Mel) good, if possibly too long novel, World War Z.  We’ll see how that goes.

I’ll then be moving onto working on something a bit different from recent fare.  For 11 years, Big Finish Productions have been releasing Doctor Who stories as audio dramas, month in, month out, featuring the actors who played the 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Doctors.  They kept the flame alive while the show was essentially defunct and have in some ways influenced the new series (some of the writers for the series got their start with BFP, and some of the tv episodes were inspired or adapted from BF plays).

Anyway, a call for submissions went out late last week – writers who BF have never used before were invited to submit a Doctor Who story, no longer than 2500 words, to be recorded as an audio reading on a forthcoming release.  BF had 1200 submissions in a two week period for a 25 minute slot on a forthcoming release performed by the actors, so this opportunity, with a six week window, could have several thousand subs.

So I’ll be working on that.  No doubt I won’t get a guernsey, but having been previously published in Doctor Who Magazine, and having had fiction published in Doctor Who zines in the UK, Canada, the USA and prolifically in Australia, I aim to give it a good hard stab.

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