Along Came a Spider

Along Came a Spider was the last story I had accepted in 2009, receiving the e-mail from the editor just after Christmas.  It will see publication in the Night Chills magazine from Black Matrix Publishers sometime in the next month or two April, with issue 2 (there’s another post soon about a brouhaha that’s developed about Black Matrix and its pay rates).

As a confirmed arachnaphobe from the mid 70s (4 year old’s and Huntsmen spiders don’t mix, let me tell you) it was only a matter of time before I used that (admittedly largely irrational fear) as a reason to write a story feature the little hairy, loathsome, glittering eyed monsters.  Again, as in some previous stories, it was the final scene which came to me first and after that it was a matter of bolting on the start and the middle.

Initially, those fine folks at Andromeda Spaceways knocked it back (though with some reasonable comments from the 3 readers) – and a quick trawl through Ralan put me onto Black Matrix.

This one took longer than I had wanted – the actual writing and editing time in terms of nights devoted to it couldn’t’ve been more than three weeks, but spread over 2 months, which was a real pain.  Earlier, I didn’t think it was going to gell – the story had started to drift and I was having difficult finding away to get to the final scene. Putting it aside for a few days helped clarify things nicely and after that it was just a matter of typing and editing.

As for the story itself – well, the final scene is memorable, but I also think the journey there is dealt with decently enough.  Again, an emphasis on atmosphere over overt gore, with a special emphasis on getting the description of two of the prime settings – a ghetto and the jungle – right.

I’ll post all the links once the story is published – I believe hard copies via places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble (orders through them then POD mailed out) or electronic copies from same or the BM site will be available.

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