Fantastic Horror 14: In the City, the Jungle

Fantastic Horror is a bit annoying at the moment – the last release they tout on their website is # 12, but I know for a fact that # 13 was released a month or two back (where Path was published) and now the individual pages for each story in #14 are available to read. 

That aside, In the City, the Jungle was originally going to be called Apartment Block, which would fit my usual woeful ability to come up with a title that immediately grabs the attention. In a fit of not-so-excessive originality, I borrowed the sense of the title from a Clive Barker short story, In the Hills, the City. This story was written in the few months leading up to my second daughter’s birth in mid 2009 and is probably as close to a haunted house tale as I’m likely to get.

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