The Copse – read by Ian Stuart

The voice of The Copse is Ian Stuart, who can be reached in his professional capacity here.  He has performed some wonderful readings for Pseudopod, and his talent for regional English accents has really lifted some very good stories to greatness.  Ian kindly offered an insight into how he goes about making a recording for Pseudopod.


I try and do a good job for every member of the audience- but it’s most important that the author is happy with the finished  product.
The process of recording a story is pretty straightforward really. First of all I read it through to get the  general feel of it- the kind of atmosphere that the writer is trying to create.I liked the rural-idyll-gone-wrong theme in ” The Copse.” I felt at once that  it was important to emphasise that Sarah and Roger were the good guys, doing their best best in difficult circumstances.
Then I looked at characters and voices. Sarah and Roger were easy enough- all I needed was a change of pitch to differentiate them. Standish was a problem at first, and then I thought that Ssstandish, with all the s sounds reminded me of a snake, so I went for the breathy, cider-laden hiss. His wife was as dull and empty as I could make her and I tried to make Emma clear and bell-like and other worldly.
Once you know what voices you want, all that’s left is the recording. I divide each script into two or three minute segments, record them, swear at myself when I fluff a line, do it again, swear again and then I edit each segment and stick it all together. I do one final editing pass on the whole thing and then send it off.

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1 Response to The Copse – read by Ian Stuart

  1. J. Westlake says:

    A fine story, and a fine reading! My congratulations to Robert, Ian Stewart, and of course, Pseudopod. Podcasts can be a really good way of reaching a larger audience – several podcasting sites are certainly on my ‘submit-to’ list.

    Rick Stringer of Variant Frequencies sent me the pretty much final version of the reading for my story, ‘Out Of Time’. It should be on the site pretty soon. Needless to say, I’m excited!

    Once again, my congrats to all.

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