Mechanical Writing

No, I haven’t invented a device to do my writing for me, powered by my oh so weak brain patterns. But I’m sure someone has pressed their forehead up to a Kindle and wished very, very hard.

I’m talking about the actual process of writing.  You read how author’s (the one’s making money) get up and treat their writing job like a normal 9-to-5 job, being utterly professional in their approach.  Success has allowed them that.

On the other hand, the rest of us mediocrities make do with dead of night sessions after the kids have gone to bed (cf me, at 10 pm, slogging away until about 11).  I’ve often wondered how my father makes do with so little sleep and at last, I’m now finding out!

I complain, but the actual process is enjoyable (in the sense that a massage from an ugly Swede is enjoyable).  To wit, I’m currently working my way through my new story, Along Came a Spider (we aren’t venturing to far in Spoilerland to say it involves, yes, a spider).  The story is complete as a 1st draft, now I’m halfway through the rewrite.  My personal, mechanical method, is to print the story up, then sit down at lunch at work and plough through it with a pencil, changing sentences, swapping words, ruling out paragraphs (otherwise known as improving the damn thing).

The bit keeping me up at night is entering this all into the draft on the laptop.  It’s been slow going putting flesh on the bones of this story.  My aim is one page per session, and since I tend to keep re-writing the re-writing, it does get laborious at times.

But where several days ago I thought Along… wasn’t working, and motivations were contrived and the atmosphere was a bit thin, I’m now seeing a real improvement.  Whether it is actually any good, well, time will tell.

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