Pseudopod Update

I’ve not made mention of my story coming out via Pseudopod for, oh, about five minutes!  However, I definitely have concrete information on its release!

Nothing is set in stone with these sort of things, but the week starting October 23 has been pencilled in.  Or perhaps the following week (hoping for that, actually, as it falls on Halloween).  Either way, the wait is nearly over.

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2 Responses to Pseudopod Update

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing your story. I’m in the same boat as you, but mine is tentatively slotted for November, last I heard. It was my first fiction sale, so I’m especially anxious to hear it. It will be really weird but cool to hear it read, that gives a whole new dynamic to it. 🙂

    • Robert Mammone says:

      We’ll have to compare notes on our experiences. The editor was easy to work with and I’m looking forward to a savaging from the members of the forum!

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