The Web of Time – out!

Web of TimeI really should pay attention to my e-mails more often as news of this story’s release came as a surpirse.  Regardless, here it is, the opening story for The Doctor Who Project’s season 36. 

This story was born of necessity – the author slated for the 1st release (in effect, penning a sequel to his own season ending story Journey’s End from last year) had to step aside, leaving a story shaped hole that rapidly needed filling.

Atter the effort that was Dreadnaught (which, looking back on, I really like as a Doctor Who story), I’d promised myself that I wouldn’t put a submission forward for at least a year.  Ten hour working days, followed by late night writing sessions, with a house containing two young daughters, was physically and mentally exhausting.

The only problem with all that is that I’m a sucker for a plea for help and offered to help cover for the opening story.  In quick time, my offer was accepted, and the hunt began for a story idea.  After several attemtps (all involving overlong synopses that went nowhere), I eventually hit upon a broad outline that I could fill in with detail as the story was written.

Coming in at about 17000 words, The Web of Time is shorter by half than Dreadnaught, but pacier as a result.  It is a more interior story, interested less in the epic-ness of my earlier effort, and more an examination of the Doctor and his relationship with his people and home world.  Still, there are some big set pieces and an ending which, if derivative, still works on an emotional level.

But I would say that, wouldn’t I.

Anyway, The Web of Time is available for all of you lovely people to have a read.  And special kudos to Philip Boyes who has come up with a really lovely cover. 

Oh and a special request to have a read of the other stories from this season.  As I understand it, it is all leading somewhere…

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