I love a good rejection. Honestly.  All feedback, positive or negative is well worth reading.  In that vein, here’s a selection of rejections from the editors who read The Devil at Your Heels (I’ve mentioned the zines but will do the editors the favour of omitting their names).  As more come in, I’ll update this post.

Midnight Echo (Australian horror site) it’s nice to have a personalised response: 

Hi Robert,
Thank you for sending “The Devil At Your Heels” to Midnight Echo but I’m afraid I’m going to pass on it at this point, as I’m sorry to say it just didn’t grab me as I’m hoping to experience when I read stories for this issue. I wish you luck with the story, and hope you find a home for it elsewhere.
Dark Recesses (this one is clearly a form letter) :
Dear Robert,

Your manuscript has been considered for Dark Recesses Magazine by one or more of our team. The editorial staff appreciates the effort and craft necessary to prepare work of dark fiction, and thanks you for letting us read it. We regret to inform you that we have decided to pass on this submission, and wish you well in placing it with another publication.

Thank you for your patience,

The Fiction Editing Team

Strange Weird and Wonderful Magazine (another form rsponse):

Thanks for submitting to Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine.
Unfortunately, we cannot use The Devil at Your Heels, but please continue
to submit more material in the future.

Innsmouth Free Press (I received this rejection three hours after submitting the story!)
Dear Mr. Mammone,

Thank you for submitting your story. Unfortunately, we can’t use it, but we greatly appreciate your time and effort in submitting it.

Short and punchy!
There’s more to come, never fear.
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